Supplement Researchers Wear Velcro Patches For A Purpose

Custom patches are a very effective advertising tool for any business. This type of advertising is versatile and will give your company immediate business recognition. Custom patches may be sewn on or attached with Velcro. Velcro backing is often preferred because of its versatility.

Woven patches are preferred over the woven labels because of the borders. Customers have a choice of backing; woven patches can be sewn or attached with a Velcro backing.  For designs featuring minute details and very fine lettering,  custom woven patches are the preferred choice rather than custom embroidered patches. However, the backing options are identical for both types of custom patches. However, there is a slightly different look and texture between a woven patch and an embroidered one. The one you choose is dependence on the look you want. The design artists at Flex Systems will advise you based on the specifications of your project.

Custom patches can be created on a variety of strong and durable materials. There are endless colors and fonts to choose from, only limited by the vision of the designer. Customers that need help with the design have the benefit of professional design assistance in the creation of their custom patch.

Custom patches offer the following advantages:

1. Custom patches are cost effective. They are the best alternative for businesses that have to operate within an advertising budget.

2. Custom patches look professional and are helpful in connecting with clients.

3. Your custom patch will distinguish your business from other companies.

4. Custom patches are available in multiple shapes and sizes and can be sewn or attached with Velcro so that they may be removed at any time.

5. Custom patches are durable with a bright, crisp appearance. They are made to endure harsh environments.

Flex Systems is a USA manufacturer that offers customers many options including all types of fabric choices and colors at an affordable price. Custom embroidered patches offer the most efficient form of advertising to attract clients. For more information, visit