Baton Rouge Dentist Promotes Alternative Therapies

If you are anxious and uncomfortable with the thought of visiting a dentist, conscious sedation may be the answer to reducing your anxiety. It is a common occurrence for patients to postpone necessary dental work because of anticipated discomfort. Personally, I have never met one individual excited to go to a dental appointment. However, conscious sedation allows you to relax without the anxiety that is usually present. It helps patients to be proactive in addressing dental issues.

As a sedative agent, Nitrous oxide has proven to be safe. The nitrous oxygen mixed with oxygen is administered through a mask placed over your nose by the dentist. When you breathe the nitrous oxide, it creates a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Apprehension just seems to disappear. Although you are awake and aware of everything that is occurring, time just seems to pass quickly. The effects of the gas diminish when the dental work is completed, and the mask is removed.

If your fear of dental work has interfered with your oral health, this anesthetic gas is a perfect solution to decrease anxiety. Sedative Dentistry has become increasing popular for dental patients as a means to alleviate the emotional components of a dental visit. For more information and to schedule a pain-free dental appointment, visit Grand Family Dentistry.

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